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the pity ws01.jpg

The Pity

This piece is filled with beauty and sorrow. 

It is a depiction of Mother Nature  - upon her knees and cradling her own dying body.


As she holds in her organs that are spilling out from her visceral cavity, her collapsing lungs, formed from the nasal passages of a slaughtered lamb, breathe out a last faint plea for resurrection.   In her uterus resides the remains of a bee as the fertility of the earth lays dead in her womb.  


A tumorous lump lies upon her shoulders where her head once protruded.  Instead an ethereal head leans from outside of her body and looks upon herself with compassion and pity...  La Pieta…..



…The Pity


But perhaps she is also all of us, looking with pity and sorrow upon the injustice and cruelty perpetrated within the body of all humanity.  


And perhaps she is each and every one of us on our solitary journeys to find a little compassion for our own painful wounds as we hold ourselves in and together.  


 This piece was constructed from the remains of life and finality - from bones and shells and the delicate last vestiges of wasps and bees- but it is also beautiful.  


But perhaps it is amidst  finality, when we contemplate what remains, that we may still find our redemption.  Perhaps If we let the experience of beauty direct our our focus,  we may glimpse truth, and clarity and fill ourselves with wonder and with hope.  

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