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Leaning Woman

Leaning Woman




She is Mother Nature, bent with sorrow and yet serene in her grief, reflecting upon a devastated world.


Her brooding hair is made from the remnants of a wasp’s nest and her breasts are starving birds (partridge), mouths open, looking to her to feed them.  


Her legs are formed from eland horns and her body, from the skulls of two slaughtered lambs.


Wasp paper and silver cover her pregnant belly and inside we find her fetus.  Formed from part of one of the lamb skulls, its umbilical cord reaches up to attach to her heart. 


But her heart is deteriorating and a beautiful but terrible little heart has begun to form inside.  It has been infiltrated, and inside of it a tiny beetle larva resides. It is Diamphidia Nigroornata…..

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